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Healthcare Services for the People

Since 2015, Revive Research Institute has been providing healthcare services for the people. Revive Research Institute, Inc. was established in the heart of Michigan by Mazhar Jaffry, the CEO and President. With all of our dedication and persistence, we are gradually growing across all 50 states. Revive Research Institute now has approximately 20 Clinical Research Centers operational in Michigan, Texas, Illinois, and Arizona, with other locations set to launch in the coming years.


Revive Research Institute has made outstanding achievements in three key areas: Innovation, Performance, and High-quality Healthcare. Strengthening our network, boosting operational execution, and making the organization more efficient are all goals we have set to achieve excellence in performance. We have significantly increased the proficiency of our processes over the past three years. Clinical Research Center operations and task management is our key purpose while seamlessly handling 80 active studies, 10,000 patients in our database, 150 studies in the queue, and 500+ enrolled patients.

Vision & Mission

Our priorities and values are at the heart of everything we do and help define our culture – so that together we can deliver extraordinary things for our sponsors and patients, making Revive Research a brilliant place to work.

Our Vision

Revive Research conducts research studies in collaboration with the world's leading Pharmaceuticals and experienced Principal Investigators. The purpose of these research studies is to discover more about the safety and efficacy of new treatments while also ensuring excellent patient care and maintaining patient safety. Our Vision is to make quality research studies accessible, for physicians and patients. We are dedicated to redefining Clinical Trials and advancing medicine.

Our Mission

We believe in revolutionizing healthcare and medicine through the collaborative efforts of scientific minds and innovative approaches. Our Mission is to provide the healthcare industry with innovative clinical research studies focused on excellence and safety. We commit to providing our sponsors and associates with quality data from a Clinical Research Center that excels at performing high-quality research in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why Choose Us?

We’re dedicated to helping people and doing as much good as possible. By playing our role in helping bring novel, life-changing therapies to the market, we aim to make research studies as accessible as possible to the people who need them. Everything we do from our Clinical Trial Operations to Regulatory Services, is all underpinned by a patient-first approach. We’re shaping the next generation of therapies, one person at a time.

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Are you interested in participating in Clinical Trials or are you looking to join our Investigators Site Network?
Revive Research Institute is one of the fastest-growing Clinical Research Center in the US. Through collaborations, with experienced physicians and research teams, we aim to deliver groundbreaking therapies with a patient-centric approach.

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Revive Research Institute, Inc.

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