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Clinical Research Studies

Volunteer For a Healthy Tomorrow

Volunteers who participate in research studies are the driving force behind every breakthrough therapy. We at Revive Research Institute work hard every day to conduct Clinical Research Studies where patients are at the heart of Revive’s care, innovation, and cutting-edge treatment alternatives. Volunteer in our Clinical Research Studies because without you, medical advancement would not be a possibility!

Research Studies that is All About Participants

Patients are our primary concern at Revive Research Institute. One aspect of our goals is to help people live longer, healthier and fulfilling lives. Researchers can better understand, diagnose, treat, and prevent medical illnesses when they have a thorough understanding of the causes and symptoms of the condition. Through voluntary involvement in Clinical Research studies, you contribute to advancing medicine and redefining treatments.

Process Flow

Volunteers play a significant role in the study process. People can now contribute to medical advancements by participating in clinical research studies. We have a meticulous process which has been developed in line with FDA guidelines.

clinical research studies revive

Explore Study Details Online

Visit our study page, review the study details & complete the website form.

Preliminary Eligibility Screening

If eligible, our team will contact you for a brief screening interview.

On-Site Screening

Qualified participants will visit our study site for medical tests & physical exams.

Informed Consent

The research team will discuss in detail about the study before asking you to sign an Informed Consent Form. Remember, your participation is voluntary.

Your Contribution Matters

Your participation can influence the future of healthcare for many & reshape its course.

Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Research Studies

Revive Research Institute is dedicated to conducting research studies in multiple therapeutic areas ensuring that life-changing therapies are accessible to you. Browse through our therapeutic expertise and enroll in our clinical trials today!


Revive Research Institute is dedicated to creating a congenial environment to conduct effective research studies, focusing on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Heart Diseases.


Revive’s Gastroenterology team is involved in researching how Gastrointestinal Diseases are treated. We have conducted Clinical Trials in multiple areas including GERD, Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, etc.

Internal Medicine

Our medical leadership team has a wide range of expertise in conducting Clinical Research Studies in Internal Medicine while maintaining accurate scientific data for sponsors.


Our experienced Oncologists and nurses are dedicated to developing innovative treatments designed to improve lives of people with cancer while delivering high-quality data to sponsors.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health is deeply involved with women’s healthcare and awareness of treatment options available for women. We provide a platform for participants where they can gain access to life-changing medicine.


Revive Research Institute has a diverse portfolio in Mental Health Research focused on treatment, prevention and monitoring of various clinical and general populations.


Explore our expertise in Pulmonology Clinical Trials. We make clinical research studies like COPD, and Asthma, available for the general populace.


In terms of its potential to assist public health, COVID-19 vaccine development and research are unique. We work on both preventative treatments & COVID-19 vaccines, using our therapeutic expertise & industry-leading experience.


In collaboration with scientific experts in their field, Revival Research Institute conducts high-quality Dermatological Clinical Research Studies. Our experts have therapeutic expertise in a wide range of dermatological conditions, & a complete understanding of the necessary care.

Pain Management

At Revival Research, we conduct high-quality Clinical Trials to help people with Chronic Pain, including diabetic nerve pain & postherpetic neuralgia. We aim to deliver breakthrough medications to those in need and reliable scientific data to sponsors.

Allergy Medicine

Due to the increase in Allergy-related conditions, there is an unmet need for focused treatments and new medications. Our expert Allergists & research staff aims to make safe clinical trials accessible to all while at the same time, delivering high-quality data to sponsors.

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