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Myelosuppression, also known as bone marrow suppression, is where bone marrow activity is decreased resulting in a reduction in blood cell production. Chemotherapy-Induced Myelosuppression (CIM) is a serious chemotherapy side effect that destroys both normal cells and cancer cells in the bone marrow. CIM commonly appears as anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, etc. and increases the patient’s risk for severe infections.

This study is being conducted to see if the investigational study drug can reduce certain side effects of pemetrexed and carboplatin, approved medicines used to treat some cancers including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in patients who are recently diagnosed. Additionally, this study will evaluate the safety and tolerability of the study drug. Pemetrexed and carboplatin often cause a drop in blood cell counts, increasing the risk for infections and fever, making bleeding and bruising more likely, and sometimes causing the next cycle of treatment to be delayed. We hypothesize that giving participants the study drug before receiving first-line treatment with pemetrexed and carboplatin with or without immunotherapy can decrease the frequency and severity of these side effects.

Participation Criteria:

  • Adults 18 years of age or older, male or female
  • Confirmation of State IV NSCLC of adenocarcinoma
  • Presence of p53 protein mutation(s)
  • No prior systemic therapy for NSCLC
  • Additional criteria may apply

Our group of licensed and certified physicians will be keeping track of the patient’s progress throughout the study and will address any concerns or queries that arise regarding the research trial. The investigational treatment is free for the duration of the clinical trial and insurance is not required. All patient records and information will be kept secure and confidential. The patient will also receive compensation for their time and involvement.

Please provide YOUR contact information only.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us at 248-564-1485.

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