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Leading Clinical Research Organization in United States

Revive Research Institute is dedicated to conducting research and identifying practical approaches towards better patient care, quality therapies and, healthier communities. We add value to studies by incorporating a patient-centric approach in clinical research, years of expertise in therapeutics & an understanding of the epidemiology of disease states.

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About Revive Research Institute, Inc.

Revive Research Institute is an expanding network of clinical investigator sites. We work with CROs, Biotechnological, and Pharmaceutical companies to conduct safe and efficient Phase I – III clinical trials on different types of therapies.

As an expanding Clinical Research Organization, our values and priorities are set on making novel treatments accessible by executing efficient clinical trials, maintaining scientific data integrity, and streamlining clinical trial recruitment, with a patients-first approach. Everything that we do at Revive, including all our efforts and time is dedicated to the development of therapies that ultimately benefits the patient.

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From Start to Solution - Clinical Trial Execution

Our goal is to partner and work with scientific experts, leading pharmaceuticals and driven individuals to transform treatments while advancing towards a cure through the most innovative clinical research. As a Clinical Research Institute, we work closely with you, be it sponsors, physicians or participants to understand your requirements and challenges. As our commitment is to the people, our Clinical Research Organization aims to deliver the most positive outcome for patients. Ultimately, our partnerships with pharmaceuticals and collaborations with investigator sites reflect on our commitment.

For Participants

Participating in clinical trials is a personal decision. However, it has the potential to impact countless lives including yours. All clinical trials give us the opportunity to make the world a healthier place. You could contribute to improving human health and well-being by enrolling in life-changing clinical trials.

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For Physicians

Clinical trials can provide hope to your patients when treatments fail. It’s the reason why we come to work day after day. Working with Revive Research gives you an opportunity to stay updated on the latest research while letting you do what you do best — taking care of your patients.

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For Sponsors/CROs

Strategic partnerships, commitment, & mutually agreed-upon goals to accelerate your organization’s growth and help bring life-changing therapies to the market, while streamlining clinical trial recruitment processes. We make no compromise when it comes to delivering quality scientific data and excellence in patient care.

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Our Therapeutic Areas

We believe in care that transcends disease areas. Collaborating with Principal Investigators who are leaders in their specialty areas allows us to make cutting-edge therapies accessible to communities. Browse through our specialty areas for clinical research studies that may be able to benefit you or your loved ones. 


Expertly conducting Cardiology and Cardiovascular Clinical Trials to make novel therapies accessible. We work on conditions like PSVT, Heart Failure & more.


With our understanding of broad-spectrum Gastroenterology indications, we’ve successfully conducted Clinical Trials in a myriad of digestive disorders.


Our expert Oncologists deliver novel therapies through Cancer Clinical Trials ensuring you and your loved ones gain access to life-changing options.


Equipped with our deep scientific and clinical experience in affective, psychotic, anxiety, and developmental disorders, we conduct Psychiatric Clinical Trials.

Expertise in Clinical Research

Revive Research Institute is well-known for conducting Phase I-III Clinical Trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas with high-performance and high-quality sites. We connect patients with experienced and trusted physicians carrying out cutting-edge studies focused on quality and compassion. Established in 2015, Revive Research Institute is one of the fastest-growing Clinical Research Organization in Michigan. With the goal of collaborating with more committed and driven investigators, we aim to broaden our therapeutic scope and help communities gain access to novel, preventive and advanced medicine.

We initially began with an emphasis on novel cancer treatments and clinical trials and have over time expanded into other therapeutic areas like Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Women’s Health, Psychiatry, and Pulmonology. Our investigator sites can be found in densely populated areas with the PI’s, Sub-I’s, and supportive research staff having years of experience and passion in Clinical Trials.

Making Breakthroughs Possible, With Your Help

For years, Clinical Trials have harnessed the power of the “people”. Without people who participate in Clinical Trials, medicines and therapies available today would not be a possibility. Part of Revive Research’s vision is to make therapies available to people through quality research. Each of our PI’s or Principal Investigators in our esteemed investigator’s network share the same scientific interests and goals — advancing medicine and conducting high-quality clinical trials with care and compassion.

Clinical Trials help researchers and doctors understand if medicine or drugs are effective in helping treat people. These researches also give insight into a disease condition and how it affects the human body. Without these research studies and the people participating in them, these groundbreaking therapies would never make it to the market.

Your participation can make a difference in your health and the health of your communities.


What People Have To Say About Us

“The Revive Research team has been extremely supportive, and helpful. Always available for calls and always so prompt with completing each of the tasks. They have a very capable team in their hands with a strong understanding of Sponsors’ needs and requirements. I look forward to working with them again”.

Clinical Research Associate

“The doctor who was taking care of health throughout the clinical trial and the nurses were extremely pleasant and so kind and helpful. They took their time explaining every detail of the trial and the treatment. The driver who used to pick and drop me at the clinic was also courteous and respectful. I just searched for paid clinical trials near me and found these guys. This was my first experience and I was surprised to have really enjoyed it”.

Clinical Trial Volunteer

“Revive was one of the highest enrollment sites for our study. And the data provided was completely clean. We did not expect such caliber of work from a budding Clinical Research Institute. We are quite happy with their work and have collaborated with them on another study as well. Keep up the good work guys!”


Our Site Locations

Revive Research’s sites are located in densely populated areas of Michigan and Illinois. We strive to make Clinical Trials and new, potential treatments available to as many people as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of your most commonly asked questions, answered by our very own research experts. Appease your curiosity and gain a more in-depth insight into Clinical Trials.

1. What is Clinical Research?

In simple words, clinical research is medical research involving people. Clinical trials or research are carried out to study the safety and effectiveness of medicine, drugs, and therapies that could potentially help treat people.

2. What does a Principal Investigator do?

A Principal Investigator or PI is responsible for overseeing the conduct of the clinical trial. Principal Investigators are physicians with experience in clinical research and they ensure patients’ health and safety throughout the duration of the clinical trial.

3. Why is Clinical Research important?

Clinical Research is vital to introducing new treatments and medications in the market and making them available to the masses. It plays a major part in public health ensuring the advancement of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Through clinical trials, we can reduce the burden of illness and disability, enhance the health of communities and improve lives.

4. What does a Clinical Research Coordinator do?

Clinical Research Coordinators or CRCs have just as important a role as Principal Investigators. They work under the direction of the Principal Investigator and support, facilitate, and coordinate the daily clinical trial activities. They also play a critical role in the conduct of the study.

5. Will my insurance cover the study treatment in the clinical trial?

At Revive Research Institute, participating in clinical trials is completely free of cost to both you and your insurance. No insurance is required to receive the study treatment. All study-related tests, care, and treatment is free and will not be charged. In fact, if you are eligible for a research study and decide to take part in one, you might be monetarily compensated for your time and travels.

6. Where can I find Paid Clinical Trials near me?

If you are interested in taking part in paid clinical trials near you, browse through our list of research studies. If any of the studies interest you, simply fill out the form on the study page to enroll yourself. Someone from our research staff will give you a call to see if you qualify for the study.

Our Sponsors

We’re proud to have touched and improved the lives of countless patients with the help of some of our sponsors. Here are just some of the Sponsors we’ve constantly worked with over the past few years.

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Stay Updated With the Latest In Health & Research

Explore our blog posts and stories that hold impact from our experts. We aim to educate and spread awareness about Clinical Trials and Disease Conditions. Check out what our team of experts have to say.

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