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Clinical Trials:
Novel Treatment for All

Clinical Trials are research studies designed specifically to solve investigational questions about upcoming revolutionary medical products. It involves experimental interventions using human volunteers (also known as participants) in accordance with the scientists’ research strategy and methodology.

A unique study design is developed, known as a protocol, for these studies. A protocol is a detailed guideline that comprehensively lays down each and every step that needs to be followed during which the safety and well-being of the participants are of paramount importance.

Participating in Clinical Trials

Researchers intend to add to the broadly accessible treatment options and dynamic advancement of medical technology. These research studies seek to advance outcomes through novel solutions.

With the help of participants in Clinical Trials, the remedy’s efficacy, tolerability, and safety are assessed using the protocol as an unalterable blueprint.

Participating entails timely visits to the clinic, telephone communication with the physicians, and completion of eDiaries.

Clinic visits are mostly short and similar to regular doctor checkups involving; physical examinations, vital signs assessment, blood/urine samples, and medical form completion.

Get Compensated for Your Time

All participants receive study-related care, free-of-cost. All volunteers will be reimbursed for their time and travel expenses. For every visit completed, participants are financially compensated. Participating in our Clinical Trials does not require insurance.

Gain Access to Study-related Care

Participants in Clinical Trials will help you reap a range of benefits. Once you’ve signed up for our study trials, you will be provided with study-related care which includes free checkups by our experienced physicians and medical staff. This helps you keep track of your health throughout your participation in our Clinical Trial.

Our Process

The process of participating in our Clinical Research Trials is simple –

  1. The studies we are recruiting for are listed under the “Currently Recruiting” section. Please fill out the form to participate if you are interested and someone from our research staff will contact you instantly.
  2. You will have to first pass the pre-screening questions phase to enroll in your preferred Clinical Trials. Our customer representative will ask you questions regarding your medical history, and if you pass you will be instructed to arrive at our research site.

Currently Recruiting

We are open for Enrollment now! Following are the studies that you may participate in. Please Contact Us for further information.

  1. Pulmonology
  2. Cardiology
  3. Women’s Health
  4. Psychiatry
  5. Gastroenterology
  6. Internal Medicine
  7. Oncology
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